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It was twenty years ago, today...

It actually was somewhere around twenty years ago that I first became aware that many
of the available music lessons were leaving students frustrated and disappointed, because
these lessons were not helping them learn to play music really well.  Since that day,
I have been developing, growing and improving the Total Control Music System to address
this problem. Because both the science and the art of music instruction are constantly in
flux, the system is always in a process of evolution, as I constantly refine and improve it,
always toward the same end -- making the absolute best possible music instruction
available to my students.

Now, please don't take this to mean that this system is for, some special, elite group
of people who spend all of their time studying music -- nothing could be farther from
the truth!!  Anyone -- any age, gender, race, creed, or educational level--anyone can
learn to play music -- and learn to play well!  The whole point of all the work I do in
developing and constantly improving this system is to make it as easy & simple as
possible for you to learn to play music really, really well in the shortest possible time.

So, If you want to learn to play music -- why not do yourself a favor and learn to play well?
It's actually easier than trying to teach yourself or learning from someone who doesn't really
know what or how to teach. If you have never played or studied music before, please know
that I love teaching beginners and helping them onto the right path!

My sole mission is to teach you how to play music, really well, in the shortest possible time!

To that end, I stand ready to answer any and all questions you may have, to help you
find appropriate instruments, to spend as much time with you as is needed to help you
make good decisions about anything that affects your music. Please feel free to call me
at any time, at 347-240-6613 or send me an e-mail at info@totalcontrolmusic.com to get
the information you need or the answers to your questions.

Then, before you make any final decision about lessons, let me encourage you to take
one trial lesson with me. Meet me, see my studio, see what it's like to work with me,
and let me show you what I can do for you.  It's one decision you won't regret!!

Thank you for visiting this website!!

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