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The Total Control Music System is a unique, proprietary set of concepts, methods and
materials that have been carefully designed to help a student gain complete mastery of an
instrument or voice in the shortest possible time..

While there are specific differences for any individual area of study, there are also
core similarities. These are:

1.  Gaining physical control of the instrument, acquiring good technique & playing habits;
     developing appropriate changes in the musculature, ligaments, tendons, etc. to
     both permit the desired control and avoid current and/or progressive injuries.

2.  Gaining an understanding of the unique physical parameters of the instrument and
     how the desired physical control will be developed.

3.  Gaining an in-depth understanding of music theory as it applies to the instrument
     and to the musical style(s) being studied, including the use of note reading as both
     an aid to understanding theory and as a technique development tool.

4.  Developing an understanding of good practice techniques and habits plus an ability
     to effectively implement them in changing life circumstances.

5.  Gaining an in-depth understanding of all aspects of any particular style of music
     being studied, along with appropriate repertoire; developing style-specific and
     instrument-specific accompaniment and soloing abilities.

6.  Overcoming any issues the student may have about music, playing or performing;
     developing excellent performance skills.


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