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“...one of the few bluegrass musicians in New York City, which is special in
itself.  But it is his knowledge of all genres of music that really makes Michael
a creative, informative and versatile instructor.”
                                            —Tom Palumbo, Bluegrass musician studying guitar

“Michael’s ability to analyze and dissect songs is extremely helpful.  He knows
what makes a song successful, what needs work and then shows me how.”
         —Huel Wheeler, Employee benefits manager studying theory and songwriting

“We refer many of our customers to Michael Wolfsohn.  He is one of the most
capable and inspiring instructors in New York City.”
                                                          —Stanley Jay, Owner of Mandolin Brothers

“The private attention of one-on-one classes is really important.  Michael always
pushes me a little further, just enough to take me into lower ranges than any
other teacher has ever expected.  After only a few lessons I was actually
singing better!”
                                         —Janet Fonseca, Computer consultant studying voice

“He understands what it’s like to be a beginner.  He has a lot of experience
teaching people who never played before and who don’t practice very much
from a book. That doesn’t mean you get away with anything—Michael pushes
when you really need it to get further. He knows a lot of different types of music—
rock, heavy metal, blues—and both old songs and new ones.
                          —Alan Bianchi, Junior high school student studying electric guitar

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