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So I took what I was learning from my teachers, and started applying it to folk, and rock,
and blues, and all the other amazing music I was discovering and falling in love with. And
I started teaching private lessons in my home and both private lessons and classes at the
Old Town School of Folk Music. At first, like so many musicians teaching even now, it was just a way to add some income to what I earned as a performer. Especially after I moved
to New York!!  But the longer I did it, the more I realized (largely from the feedback I got
from my students) that I was doing something important, something really helpful to my students. And I began to understand that I had been given some pretty large gifts in the teaching area -- and that, however good a performer and player I might be, I was a much, much better teacher.

And so, twenty years ago, I decided to make teaching my main focus, and to seriously
de-emphasize performance. I started to really examine my teachingideas very, very closely. That's when the Total Control Systems really began. Along the way, I have studied with
other really good players, to gain insight into how they do what they do, so I can pass it
on to my students. Even today, when I encounter a new player/technique/idea that I find interesting, I will sign up for some lessons. I try not to miss teaching opportunities.  I
have taught inmusic schools and music stores.  I taught a Songwriting Course for the
New York chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association.  I wrote (and designed) over
a dozen guitar instructional books published by Cherry Lane Music or theHal Leonard Corporation. And I have taught hundreds of people, of all ages, genders, nationalities;
people with handicaps, people with injuries, in privatelessons, to play better and get the
most out of the music that they so loved.

Over the years, I have studied with:


Pedal Steel:

Laura Thomas, Ed Farran, Douglas Susu-Mago,
Joe Rumoro, Richard Pick, Carmine D’Amico, Alan DeMause,
  Dave Stryker
Tom Furlong, Gib Wharton, John Widgren, Ray Gantek
Greg Cahill, Tony Trischka
Norman Curtis, Robert Komaiko, Theodore Lettvinn, Howard Levy,
  Joanne Brackeen

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