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Recording & Music Technology

It's no secret that the advent of the personal computer has changed everything in the music
industry, and put amazing and sophisticated technological control into the hands of the
musicians working at any level. New artists and bands can now produce & distribute their
own recordings that can compete on a level playing field with the products of large,
established companies.

Now, in addition to learning to play well, to write great songs, to sing well, to perform well
,knowledge and ability with recording gear, the recording process, microphones, acoustics,
signal processing, and, of course, the many, many music technology computer programs
are needed to succeed in today's music industry. In addition, many musicians who have
no particular professional aspirations still want to know how to use this technology to make
r ecordings, etc. for their own enjoyment.

I have been a Mac user since 1986, and a Mac consultant since 1995. I setup and maintain
everything from individual computers to large networks. I also do repairs, solve network and
other issues, advise on technology purchases, and train and teach both recording arts &
sciences and many specific programs.

A partial list of programs that I teach would include:
  Music Programs: GarageBand,Logic Pro, Sibelius, Transcribe!, iTunes, ProTools, Cubase and many, many VST and AU plug-ins
  Graphics Programs: ¬†Adobe Creative Suite (18 programs),QuarkXPress
  Other Programs: Microsoft Office, NeoOffice,VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop,
Sun VirtualBox, Filemaker Pro


Finally, I teach and consult on studio setup & design, studio & microphone technique, studio best
practices, equipment/software selection and pretty much anything else relating to recording or
Mac computers.

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